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The NewEarth blueprint model invites conscious, ethical, sovereign human souls to co-operate and interact in establishing environments that foster human and planetary well-being, as well as sustainable prosperity.

NewEarth provides a new foundation for conscious living by re-examining the principles that govern our existence and perceptions.

A NewEarth community, a decided movement away from an egocentric, competitive, and inherently violent society, naturally leads to a swift return to wellness for our families and communities.


The NewEarth social eco system supports human freedom, creativity and sovereignty that fosters and develops the highest vibrational endeavors of humans, honoring the capacity to love and be loved as the top-note in the symphony of human expression.

Designed to stimulate your higher faculties and expand concepts of what architecture can bring to the lives of all people.
Working synergistically, NewEarth Science & Technology, and Design & Development Departments help anchor a planetary ecology in an unprecedented fusion of broad-spectrum pioneering projects.
NewEarth Haven provides a taste of the potential for our biggest vision for the community and will feature bio-architecture Eco-domes set within a stunningly situated community infrastructure.
The space will be a highly creative combustion hub of short to mid-term visitors as well as a more permanent option for those who are able to provide for their long stay Visa permits, including our vested residents alike
Art, beauty and consciousness will be imbibed as guests engage within a loving and supportive community environment.

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NewEarth Haven, Bali
NewEarth Haven, Bali

Bali, Indonesia

NewEarth Bacalar, Mexico
NewEarth Bacalar, Mexico

Bacalar, Mexico