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Humanitad works with select leaders from all disciplines, nations, and faiths. Heads-of-state, religious leaders, economists, diplomats, artists, and activists are all working toward implementing and realizing a new earth—manifesting their collective will in pursuit of sovereignty, natural law, and highest expression.

To this end, Humanitad is dynamically involved in visioning, creating, and evolving into the next great age of humankind.

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 “The human heart speaks a simple language and a universal logic that organically seeks fellowship amongst humanity beyond artificial divides of religion, nationality, and creed. “          – Sacha Stone

Fellowship is the natural human condition, yet it is constantly derailed by
propaganda inflicted upon the collective by the one percent of “overlords” led by their insatiable desires for power, profit, and pleasure.

Humanitad’s founders contend that the greatest obstacle on the path to positive change is the belief that individuals are too small to make a difference. Yet, by trusting our most remarkable visions and reaching our highest and most noble expressions, we naturally remember that each of us is a perfect microcosm—a perfect fractal of the whole.